Radio Imaging Effects: FFT Filter

As with most things nowadays, I’ve learnt (and still learning) many tricks of Adobe Audition through the use of the internet; mainly You Tube. I thought I’d share a few audio tricks I use as I am a fan of sharing stuff one has learnt. I’m going to share quite a few of them actually over the next few weeks, which is perfect if you’re beefing up your summer audio, or have some spare time to try these tricks out. I can’t say these are techniques which top producers use, but they work for me, so if you have a better method it’d be good to know.

I’m going to show you a technique I use, the infamous Voice filter effect. It is a bit like the telephone effect, but much more effective and I think it sounds great! Here is what it actually sounds like in a sweeper. It is applied to the “cheeky monkey, proud sponsors…” section.

IMG_0130                                  In order to get to it, go to effects > Filter and EQ > FFT Filter

Once clicked on, it will by default give you a straight piece of string to move around….All I do is work on the principle of dropping the line at 200 hertz.



                                                   What you’re presented with from by default

Now the further up or down the drop is the more bass or tin* there is added to the audio sounds. Here is my default settings, and what I use as a generic filter…But I do change it depending on the voiceover I’m processing. Sometimes in a production I may use two or three variants of the effect, I just move the line up and down! *not technical terms!


                                                  Tadah! There you have it, the Filtered effect.