I’m an avid audio producer and in 2015 I decided to set up my own Audio Production company. It’s been really successful an I’ve gained lots of long term clients as a result of my producing efforts!

My Audio Journey

I started making jingles/sweepers whilst at a Community Radio Station in Wetherby (Tempo FM). Jingles and music beds always fascinated me, so spent many hours on YouTube watching video tutorials on Adobe Audition (that’s how most people learn stuff nowadays I guess!). I can’t say I am at my best,though, as technology is always changing and no two sweeper is the same meaning I have to learn new techniques. On my blog, I hope to share some audio techniques I’ve picked up (and serve me well).

The Production House

If you head over to you can find out more about my Audio Production biz and also order some sweepers for yourself if you wish! I set up The Production House in late 2015 after realising how much I enjoyed producing audio and noting the flexibility of freelancing and how it would fit into my daily routine.  I’m pleased to say that it has been really successful for a start up project.

Audio Demos

Here is my Soundcloud full of audio stuff I’ve produced, and hope you enjoy listening to it: